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Academia is no longer limited to face to face meetings and stacks and stacks of printed journal articles and dusty books. Learn to understand what the new digital ecology means for you as a scholar, and how you can make the most impact.

I can build you a professional academic website that showcases your cutting-edge scholarly identity as well as train you in academic social media engagement. I can help you learn skills to transition in and out of academia if you so choose.

You are already a 21st century scholar. Let me help you to showcase that.

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    Get noticed, get read. Get tenure.

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    Build scholarly networks, begin conversations. Build community.

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    Experiment with different forms of publishing. Innovate.

  • Be On the Cutting Edge

    Help shape 21st century digital scholarship. Be a pioneer.

My Background

I love technology while being highly cognizant of the issues and inequalities that come with it.

I love building communities, online and offline, and making beautiful websites.

The more academic stuff: I am an Associate Professor of Literature, Director of Digital Humanities @ Stockton (DH lab) at Stockton University. I maintain numerous digital projects and maintain a scholarly social media presence. I train students in navigating social media and in basic front-end Web development.

Adeline Koh
Digital Academic Consultant


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