Learn to Code: Basic HTML and CSS with Adeline Koh and Melissa Mott

Learn to Code: Basic HTML and CSS with Adeline Koh and Melissa Mott
Monday, August 17, 2015, 2-4pm EST
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You’ve heard this so many times: learning to code is one of the most desirable skills for your CV, whether you remain in academia or go elsewhere. But many find the idea of coding intimidating. Beginners often complain that the many free coding tutorials available online difficult to follow: there is no instructor available to answer questions, or classmates to ask questions. It’s increasingly shown that learning to code is often most effective when you learn in a community, rather than as an individual.

This webinar is a two-hour workshop that will get your feet wet learning to code with an instructor and a community. Together, participants will take the “Hour of Code” HTML and CSS Khanacademy challenge. HTML and CSS are the building blocks of the Internet. They render how you view every element of a web page and are coding fundamentals. Participants will take the Hour of Code challenge over the two hour block in this workshop, and Adeline Koh and Melissa Mott (former digital humanities intern) will be available to answer all troubleshooting and questions. The class will also have a shared forum to share ideas and concerns that emerge as we work on the Hour of Code. Skills covered in the course will include: 1) HTML tags, HTML tags, inserting images with HTML and some CSS basics. By the end of the workshop you should have coded your own greeting card.

While this workshop will not turn you into a master coder, participants should leave with a good basic understanding of how HTML and CSS function, and a list of more resources to get you further learning these languages. This webinar is limited to EIGHT participants, so that each participant will receive adequate attention from both instructors.

Monday, August 17, 2-4pm EST
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About the facilitators:
Adeline Koh has ten years of web design experience and is associate professor literature and director of DH@Stockton, a digital humanities center, at Stockton University. She has a passion for great design and training others in navigating digital publishing and social media.
Melissa Mott is a former digital humanities intern at Stockton University, and works as a current Digital Marketing Coordinator in New Jersey. She has a passion for words and web design, and helping others get started on their personal coding adventures.

Computer setup required:
You can log into this webinar through your Internet browser without the need to download any additional software. You can also choose to call in by phone if the computer is unavailable to you. Go2Meeting also allows you to login on a tablet or smartphone through its apps.
However, to complete the exercises it is highly recommended that you use a laptop or desktop.
We will be using screen sharing and screen capture apps as well as be using codeshare.io to share and troubleshoot code snippets. The organizers will send out more details about these applications for you to use closer to the date.

Cancellation Policy:
Refunds are not offered for this webinar, however, all participants will receive a download link for the webinar once it is complete.

If you are an academic in severely strapped circumstances, I may be able to offer you a steep discount on the webinar. Please check if you qualify by reading this link.

Image credit: Code.org

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