Precarious Academics Discount

If you are an ABD or a Ph.D. in a very desperate situation, I may be able to offer some of my webinars at a steep discount. To qualify, you have to be an ABD or PhD confronting some combination of:

1) Relying on unemployment benefits or food stamps;
2) Having a current or anticipated position unexpectedly cancelled;
3) Supporting dependents;
4) Confronting a health crisis;
5) In a temporary, insecure, or unstable living arrangement (moved back in with parents, sleeping on friends’ couches, and the like).
6) In bankruptcy proceedings

If you are an ABD/Ph.D. in truly dire economic straits who would like to request this assistance, please get in touch with me, Adeline, at adelinekoh[at]gmail[dot]com.

This policy is modeled after The Professor Is In’s Job Seeker Support Fund.